Copier Lease Rates and Pricing


Copier Lease Rates: The leasing company gives you the option to purchase for a percentage of the purchase price. This type of lease has the least amount of interest. True lease, tax deductible, and write off every month Dollar Out: You own the equipment at the end of the term for one dollar. This lease will have a higher interest rate than Fair Market Value. This is a finance lease and may not be depreciated like a true Fair Market Value Lease.


Numerous elements help the average color copier cost. Some buy marked down ink

cartridges for a home printer. Others have laser printer, which is proves to be useful and

more prudent. Alternate elements that you ought to consider are the paper size, the

paper sort, additional charges for hurry conveyance services, and whether the customer

needs single-sided or twofold sided duplicates.


Paper Size. Printing on basic paper sizes and weights can spare you cash on the

average cost of color duplicates. Utilizing a non-traditional paper size can expand the

cost of your venture. Custom paper sizes likewise give extra charges to the cost of your

venture. Laser and Ink. Laser printers are accessible at a somewhat higher beginning value that

may debilitate some home clients from entering business of the laser printer. A color

laser printer can be a few times the measure of an inkjet model. Laser printers can yield

between 1500 to 3000 pages for every cartridge while ink-based printers have a

tendency to have an evaluation of 200 pages for every cartridge. Albeit more costly than

the ink-based copier, the laser printer copier still delivers more duplicates.


Single or Double-sided. Numerous copying services typically charge the same cost for

the single-sided and the two fold sided duplicates. As per a value sheet from the Florida

department of Management Services, single-sided duplicates at Fedex cost up to 89

cents for every page up to the first thousand duplicates. Anything in excess of 1,000

duplicates costs 49 cents for every page.

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