HP Large Format Printer

Large business enterprises all over the world relied on the efficiency of a large format printer. Everyday these companies need to produce documents either text or graphic, with simple or complex formatting requirements.

HP, the leader in document processing and digital technology has taken every step to respond to every printing need. HP large format printer comes in various sizes and models. Every HP large format printer is engineered to handle big bulk and complicated printing operations.

The HP large format printer Design Jet models provides excellently printed documents. The machine has Jet direct Fast Ethernet software that allows easy sharing of documents to be printed. Connectivity via USB enhances printing accuracy and rate. This relatively small machine can handle big printing jobs. It can stack as much as 3, 100 sheets in one printing session with a rate of 40 pages per minute. It can even print using stylized paper products, and is capable of a dual-sided printing. And not only that, the machine is equipped with sacker or stapler device.

Another HP large format printer is the Design jet. The machine is crafted to manage high-volume printing needs. This machine can print faster than the previous model, because it can finish 55 pages per minute. The Instant-on mechanism of the printer minimizes waiting time that makes it even faster. The machine is equipped with HP’s printing technology that enhances the quality of every document printed. The added benefits of the machine are secure printing mode that protects confidential documents via password requirement, barcode printing capacity, and can print job accounting printing concerns.

HP Plotter

HP Color Design-jet printers also available and  is a host-based printer because it allows the printer to make use of the available memory capability and processing command of the host, which is the computer. This HP large format printer has a print driver that can accommodate information from the format firmware. It utilizes Windows software in compressing graphic device interface (GDI) into JBIG (standard-compression). It does the same thing with device driver interface (DDI) calls.

This format printer has a memory capacity of up to 14 Gigabit for read-only (ROM) and 500 MB for double data rate random access memory (DDR RAM). It can also work either with Windows or Macintosh software gives more room to work even the most difficult printing work. The printouts come very fast at a rate of 8 pages per minute.

HP large format printers are known for their durability and cost efficiency. They require less maintenance too.

What Type Of Large Format Printer Would You Prefer?

Dye Sublimation / Solvent (Warehouse/Outdoor Use)

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(note If you’re looking for an 11 X 17 print width, a copier is your best bet. Get Quotes on a Copier Here.)

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